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The Conversion Group moves into the Arts with new Joint Venture

17th July 2016

The Conversion Group moves into the Arts with new Joint Venture

The Conversion Group (TCG) has today announced its expansion into the arts domain through a joint venture with London based curator Tina Ziegler to found The Art Conference (TAC). Bringing together leaders in technology, art and culture, TAC will act as a meeting point for the creative community encouraging dialogue, critical reflection and inspiring immediate action through its London based conferences.

Allen Gibbons, CEO – TCG, comments: “Making this shift into the arts sphere is an incredibly exciting move for The Conversion Group. Our portfolio of businesses has been put together in dedication to the finer things in life, for an audience who appreciate exploring new cultural avenues and education on novel concepts, which is exactly what TAC stands for.”

“TAC invites collaboration, networking and the sharing of ideas, making it a perfect extension to the group.” Allen continues: “When you’re finding your feet in unfamiliar territory, you need to be surrounded by the right people who can guide you and provide equal partnership at the same time. Working together with Tina, someone with huge passion and industry knowledge, instils great confidence for our move to this new sector.”

“My aim is that TAC will be a platform to educate and engage with creatives in London, allowing the worlds of art and technology to meet and inspire each other,” Tina explains. “Throughout the conference event, there will be a number of extra activities taking place to make the conference a truly memorable day. This includes film presentations, art exhibitions, food and drink catering and an after-conference evening drinks event with live DJ’s, all taking place at London’s Ugly Duck.”

“We are incredibly eager to work with The Conversion Group. Being the first non-food and drink event they are developing means that not only will fresh ideas be brought to the table from them, but solid business acumen will come our way, too”. Tina continues: “We have a wide demographic ranging from 18-year-old creatives, either studying or interested in developing their careers, to 50-year-old creative directors, business owners and designers on the hunt for new talent. Because of this wide spread reach, we are lucky to partner with an events company like The Conversion Group that has experience of creating events for a diverse age range.”

The launch of The Art Conference will take place on 23rd – 24th July 2016 at the Ugly Duck, 47/49 Tanner Street near London Bridge, starting as a two-day conference event presenting 15+ international keynote speakers, film screenings, panel discussions, exhibitions and digital art installations.