• "We partnered with the conversion group because we saw the huge benefit of being part of a portfolio of strong events. As an TCG portfolio event, the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival is able to reduce overhead costs by sharing services, such as finance, sponsorship and ticketing, with other entrepreneurs. We are also able to take advantage of the collective brainpower, innovation, and creativity of the portfolio, putting all events in a position to thrive."

    Dominique Love – Co-Founder,
    Atlanta Food & Wine Festival

  • "The goal of any social movement is finding a partner to assist in growth, development of business, and expansion of the brand mission. The partnership with the conversion group has simply stabilised the Cochon555 business, brand, and legacy for years to come."

    Brady Lowe, Founder
    Cochon 555

  • "We look forward to working with the conversion group to further expand LE BOOK’s role as the international platform for creative discovery, related to marketing and communications in the luxury space. Accompanied by their expertise and resources we will springboard and grow our 30+ year legacy and reputation as the curator and connector for the creative industries – bringing on a group of companies related to this expansion. We greatly look forward to this next chapter in LE BOOK’s story."

    Michael Kazam and Fabien Duverneuil

  • Being part of the conversion group is a great opportunity for us to be part of a global business which supports The Whisky Lounge in our aspirations to grow in to a global business.

    Eddie and Amanda Ludlow, Founders –
    The Whisky Lounge

  • "Since joining the conversion group in April 2016, the team has shown extensive support to my creative vision, encouraging me to take my ambition further and expand my businesses into new territories. The group's business and events experience has given my companies a stable platform to grow confidently, while offering me the added benefit to tap into their established global network of other like-minded event directors. I feel part of the a forward thinking and powerful business community, where challenges are welcomed, growth is encouraged and my creative vision is respected"

    Tina Ziegler,
    Founder Moniker Art Fair and The Art Conference