for entrepreneurs looking to grow their business, we bring experiences and insights from across different industries and geographies. we pride ourselves on our flexible approach that provides the most appropriate support to each partner.

the conversion group is a private investment vehicle that partners with entrepreneurs and management teams to drive sustainable value.

since 2008 we have worked to reinvent the relationship between investors and entrepreneurs.

the conversion group builds and invests in the creative sectors around the world. we seek partnerships with talented entrepreneurs who understand the opportunities and have the vision to change their industry.

the conversion group provides a home for entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their business to the next level.

we offer:

  • growth capital
  • strategic direction and planning
  • sponsorship and operational support
  • access to a network of like minded entrepreneurs


the conversion group has a simple philosophy – to support inspired and creative entrepreneurs and management teams to deliver transformational value. irrespective of the transaction size and level of complexity, our philosophy remains consistent – the success of the one is the success of us all.

working to disrupt existing business models in creative and lifestyle sectors, we believe that businesses achieve significant value creation when they combine inspirational management, a creative mindset, and a disciplined business plan.


we invest in businesses that serve as a platform within the creative and lifestyle sectors, where consolidation leads to competitive advantage. we work with the leadership to create growth strategies and extract synergies across businesses, while ensuring that creative control and decision making remain with the founders.

we seek out opportunities where potential is untapped, due to limited capital or limited resources. working with entrepreneurs, we translate creative visions into actionable strategic plans.


the conversion group seeks out investment opportunities with the following characteristics:

  • enterprise value of $1 million – $25 million
  • control or growth capital investment
  • businesses with unique and defensible positions
  • potential to change a market
  • opportunities for geographic expansion
  • entrepreneurial leadership
  • engaged management teams