For entrepreneurs looking to grow their business, we bring experiences and insights from across different industries and geographies. We pride ourselves on our flexible approach that provides the most appropriate support to each partner.

The Conversion Group is an investment firm focused on control and growth investments in category leading businesses which have the potential to benefit from a long term investment perspective.

We invest our own capital and unlike traditional private equity firms, we do not operate as a fund. As a result, we have greater flexibility with regards to deal structures and investment time horizons.

In addition to private equity, we also invest in public markets, focusing on software companies, specifically in SaaS, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, and Web3.

We have expertise investing in multiple industries and sub-sectors across a variety of business cycles and through various economic conditions.

The Conversion Group strives to add value by leveraging our experience, ability to assess add-on acquisitions, and network of relationships to build value over time. We do this through experienced and knowledgeable Board appointees who take an active management role.

Our approach focuses on optimising the quality of existing management teams in order to operate and grow our portfolio businesses. Working to make the senior executives of each portfolio company our partners in success.


The Conversion Group has a simple philosophy – to support inspired and creative entrepreneurs and management teams to deliver transformational value. irrespective of the transaction size and level of complexity, our philosophy remains consistent – the success of the one is the success of us all.

Working to disrupt existing business models in creative and lifestyle sectors, we believe that businesses achieve significant value creation when they combine inspirational management, a creative mindset, and a disciplined business plan.


We invest in businesses that serve as a platform within the creative and lifestyle sectors, where consolidation leads to competitive advantage. We work with the leadership to create growth strategies and extract synergies across businesses, while ensuring that creative control and decision making remain with the founders.

We seek out opportunities where potential is untapped, due to limited capital or limited resources. working with entrepreneurs, we translate creative visions into actionable strategic plans.


The Conversion Group seeks out investment opportunities with the following characteristics:

  • Debt and Equity investments of $3-30m
  • Strategic or complimentary add-on investment of $1-3m
  • Minority & Majority positions